May 25, 2011

Even more Venom?

I hope you fine folks out there aren't getting bored of all the Venom pics, cuz it's time for another one!

Haven't had much chance to get to anything else this week (vacation coming up, and spent an unfortunate time working my other job) so it's more Venom for you today. I'm really loving the changes that have occurred in the last couple weeks, and I feel like the piece is starting to take on a life of its own. I've been trying to avoid cutting corners, and I've done a bit of reading on the ConceptArt.Org forums regarding digital painting, and the way colors work together. I'm far from mastering it, but I think I've come a long way.

Highlights this week are the carapace on his back, and the changes made to the arms. Hope you guys dig it!

Next up I'm going to be tackling the tail, and maybe tweaking the teeth a bit. After that I might actually call it finished!

Along with the Venom piece, I've been roughing out ideas for a Black Cat print. I'm thinking it would be prudent to have at least one print with a female character, and since I'm already working with the Spider-man mythos, I opted to continue in that vein.

Here're some quickies...

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