October 10, 2011

Black Cat

Went back into this illustration after being asked for a print by my wife. I opened it up to do some quick re-sizing, and a week later I've got a very different looking piece. I'm not certain that I'm done with it yet, but I thought I'd share the results of my incessant tweaking now, before I take off (honeymoon ='s no posts for 3 weeks!).

Let me know what you think of the changes! 


I know it's been a long time between posts, but life has been pretty hectic these last few months, and unfortunately blogging fell by the wayside. Actually, for the most part, drawing fell by the wayside. Things are evening out now though, I'm married now, and it looks as though I'll be wrapping up my legal issues soon. That said, I'm also about to embark on my honeymoon, and as much as I'd like to insist that I'll find a way to update this site while I'm gone, I don't think it's going to happen. Quite frankly, I'm going to be pretty busy :)

However, I do have a few new images for you fine folks to take a gander at. And if this trip is anything like my last, I'll return with a sketchbook full of fun scribbles and sketches that I'll happily share. After that I'll be returning to the routine, trying to get back into the sequential game, busting out illustrations here and there, and soon after it'll be time to get a comic rolling.

For now though, you'll have to make do with some figure drawings: