May 20, 2011

Weekly Warm-ups

Trying to get a few different weekly "events" organized for the site, so that I have a bit of routine to rely on when looking through my art to see what I should share with everyone.

I'm thinking Fridays will be the day that I recap the week's progress, as well as post a few of my favorite warm-up sketches.

First off the warm-ups.
I don't have a lot to say about these beyond the fact that Art Adams is effing awesome. Well, that, and I was having some fun with the pencil tool in photoshop, and working on some serious contour lines.
And now the recap.
I've stripped Thor back down to just inks, and am trying to get them finished up ASAP. So far I'm liking where it's going, though I'm noticing that without the hair blowing the whole piece loses a ton of its energy. Guess I'll have to make a point of getting that back in there soon.
The working title for this one is Fighting Time, which I really don't like. Unfortunately if you fill your directories with Untitled#1, Untitled#2, Untitled#3, etc etc, you spend a large chunk of your day trying to find the piece you want to work on, instead of actually working on it. So it got a name, and if you fine folks out there have suggestions, please shout 'em out. My goal here is to match it up with the banner logo at the top of the site here, but it's kind of a pain. Not only did I do the banner at 72 dpi, which is totally unprintable (it'll come out a jaggy pixelated mess) but I also did it in dimensions that no printer is going to want to work with. So I'm stuck trying to rebuild the composition while at the same time hoping to keep the vibe that the banner has. Wish me luck... Oh, and I'm thinking I'd like to put a quote on the right hand side, something that involves mans constant battle with time, but I haven't been able to find one yet. Suggestions are welcomed.
Finally we've got Venom. I think it's coming along quite nicely. It's a got a crap ton of work to go, sure, but it's looking pretty bad ass as it is, and if I can carry the style throughout the piece I'll be very happy with it. This one's just going through the detail work, so it might be tough to spot the changes from last time. One thing I'm a little uncertain of is the anatomy of the front most forearm. Once I get wrapped up here I'll take it to CA for a review before calling it officially done, but if anyone can explain/redline the issue and the proper way to deal with it I'd greatly appreciate it.

And that's it for this week folks. G'night.

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