December 8, 2009

Team Eaglespeaker

The last of the Super NDN pics, I was asked to put together a group photo combining all the characters. It looks a little busy, but it's a lot of fun, and was a nice way to cap off the project.

Speaking of, guess it's time to get my ass back in gear so that I've got some more work to post next week!


I had a couple different versions of storm going, but in the end Jason asked I go with the first draft. Initially there was an attempt at some wind effects, to the point of a vague suggestion of a tornado. Unfortunately that became confusing when trying to combine this piece with the rest for a "team photo" style image, and so it was cut.

I feel like Storms costume could be significantly more dramatic/dynamic, but at the same time, I really enjoy the way the simple details work here.

Trapper Girl

I think there are several problems in this piece, most of which surround the gun. These issues could have been solved with just a bit more time, but I was trying to hurry through this piece to get to some of the others, and I think that cost me.


Dan mentioned that the first nations peoples used geometric shapes (especially triangles) often. That turned out to be pretty much the only inspiration I had on this guy. I think taking it to color would allow me to push him further from the classic Spiderman look, but even without, there's a definite shift provided by the angular symbol.

Super NDN

I really like the pose, and the way the drawing turned out, but the character design feels like it's missing something. Maybe some tassels coming off his wrists, or an alteration to the cape...

Super Elder

This one was tough. I started with just the name, and then got a pic of a DC character that I had never heard of. The pic helped a lot, and from there I was able to pull this together.

Liberty Lady

This piece suffers from the same issues as Harpoon Girl. Nothing to go on past a name (and a couple pics that I found on the net). There was a last minute suggestion of taking her in a Cowgirl direction (hence the boots), but we decided pretty quickly that that would end up just getting confusing if we made it too prominent.

Harpoon Girl

So Harpoon Girl isn't actually a comic character. All I had to go on for this design was the name, and a couple reference pics from the net. It's an alright design, not great, but gets the idea across... could be pushed a bit further in terms of looking like a super hero though.

What d'ya think?


Can't leave something like Bionic Woman sitting at the top of my blog, so I'll post this today too. I'm really loving the way the coat turned out on this one. I've got to give a shout out to Dan for his fantastic advice on the design, he really helped me out here, and on a few others.

Bionic Woman

Following my favorite is this... piece. I think there's a lot wrong here, but with a little time it could be easily pulled together. My one real issue with it is her legs/posture. I can confidently say, whatever I thought I was doing, this was not the result I was after.


This one I'm quite pleased with. Both the design and the actual drawing turned out very well... probably my fave of the whole batch.


A mix between old school Adam West style Batgirl, and Powwow garments. I think a bit of color would really bring this one home. Without it, it kinda looks like regular Batgirl.

Hulked out

Sadly there's not a lot that you can do with the Hulk, especially when you're working in black and white. He's pretty much just a giant guy in torn pants. The original design suggestion was to have Native Hulk sporting a braid too which would have pushed things farther, but in the end that wasn't an option (the board member who got to "be" Hulk has short hair). This is the last one I did, added on after I had gone through and finished all the others. Maybe that effects the look, because I can see a few parts that could use some more work (leg anatomy!), but I think at this point I wanted to be done (deadlines can have that effect on you).

Actually, at this point I thought I was done...

Super NDN's!

Alright, after a long hiatus I'm back! Apologies for the down time, but end of semester was calling my name, and it's never good practice to choose blogging over deadlines.

Anyways, here we go with a batch of new work.

This was a project that X asked me to do in the last half of November. It consisted of me revamping (and sometimes creating) costumed super heroes so as to make them look Native American. Further, I was to include on each character the face of one the board members from Y.

This is the first design I came up with, and it's one I'm pretty happy with. There is of course more that I could have done, but I think this retains it's original look and feel while adding a nice spin to it.