May 4, 2011

Calgary Entertainment Expo Here I Come!!

Received an email a few days ago, and it turns out I've managed to wrangle myself a table at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

I'm pretty excited (obviously), but rather nervous at the same time. I've got just over a month to pull together a full tables worth of merchandise, not to mention signage and business cards and the like. On top of that, I don't want to be handing out stuff with a link to an old ratty blog, so I've been trying to spiff things up here as well. Most notably, I'm dedicating myself to a 3 day a week update schedule.

What this translates into is a crap ton of work for me, and hopefully, some great new (and recently reworked) art appearing on the site. I've got some exciting plans for future content, but for now I'll start with what I've been working on this week...

First up is Venom. I didn't want to make any changes to the figure, but I felt that the pastel blue background wasn't serving the image very well. I'm not one hundred percent convinced that this is the way it'll look when I go to print, but for now I'm pleased with it.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

1 comment:

  1. Love the new blog look! I think you've really got something going with this Venom concept. The rendering is good and the background adds a lot of character!