April 27, 2011

Eagles Nest Posters

April 19, 2011

Spot Illustrations

Had a ton of fun with these (especially the first one). Did them up for a short story that Jason wrote. If I can talk him into it, I'll get the final version from him and post it up here. Until then, the artwork:

April 4, 2011

Vegas Trip

I'm not a big fan of flying... it doesn't stop me from travelling, but if I don't keep my mind in check, it can turn into a pretty ugly affair. That said, this last trip I figured out a fantastic way to keep myself focused on something other than the fact that I was thousands of feet in the air, and that if anything went wrong, I and my loved ones would be plunging to our almost certain demise.

I don't think I mentioned it here, as it didn't seem relevant, but Shelley and I picked up iPhones a little while ago. They're neat, and if you can get one for cheap I'd recommend it, but until this week I hadn't really found any way to get my snazzy tech purchase to relate to my life as an artist. I loaded a select batch of inspirational pics onto my phone (some would call them "reference images") and, once we were airborne, went to town in my sketchbook.

I've put all the drawings together into one big image for now, but don't be surprised if individual ones show up in the near future, there's at least a few that I'd really like to turn into finished works. That said, if there's anything here you guys would like to see finished, please let me know. You've no idea how inspiring it can be to get some feedback (especially requests) from the outside world!

Quickie 7