February 27, 2013

Almost there!

Missed the update on Monday because I've been working away on this piece and didn't feel comfortable posting the same image twice in a row. Then I realized it was Wednesday and I still hadn't come up with something else to post, so I thought it best to update on my progress, and then try to make up for it later in the week. I've only got a couple days until the deadline for the Calgary Expo Art Book and I've been spending what little free time I've had continuing work on this. It's pretty close to complete now, but there's definitely some fine tuning still to be done. The last few nights have been focused on tweaking and testing as opposed to huge revamps, so I know I'm in the home stretch. With any luck I'll be able to call it complete and get it submitted sometime in the next 24 hours and get out of deadline mode. As much as I've loved working on this I'm looking forward to moving back to my regular working habits. Having a deadline for only one piece is kind of a pain as it gave me some serious tunnel vision. Even thinking about other pieces filled me with guilt as I didn't want to allow myself to waste "what little time I had left before the deadline". It's certainly going to be nice to get back to bouncing between pieces so that I can get my momentum back up.

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