February 19, 2013

Dr Steel

I don't normally post commission work until I've wrapped it up and have confirmation that the client has the piece in hand, but I'm really excited about this one and wanted to get it up here (after checking with my client). One of the reasons I'm so into this piece right now is that I took a chance and did it up as a comic cover. It's rare that I use text in my work, as I'm not overly comfortable with it, but I had a flash of inspiration while I was working away on this piece, and figured I'd give it a shot. Glad I did because I think it's pretty damn cool. I'll be looking to a designer friend for some advice later on when I've got the image finished, so it should look even better in the end.

This is one of the last pieces I have in process that I haven't posted a WIP of, but now that it's up I think I'll just be cycling through pieces I've already posted, showing the progress I've made and giving you a view of the way I work these days. I'll still post the odd sketch here and there, but right now my focus is on getting a new Red Cape Kid done up for the Calgary Expo Art Book, and then turning as many of these WIP's into prints as I can. Of course I'll also be plugging away at this piece as I don't like to keep people waiting for work from me if I don't have to.

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