March 4, 2013

Catching Up

Finally finished and submitted my piece for the Calgary Expo Art Book, but I haven't picked the next one to take to completion. For now I'm bouncing around a few different pieces making small changes here and there.

 For now it's all stuff that I've posted before, but tweaked (or in process) and tightened in the hopes of ending up with a finished, printable piece. For Cyclops and Batman Beyond my foremost concern is readability. The originals look great on my monitor, but when saved as jpegs they muddy up to be quite a bit darker. It's not a big deal, as long as that doesn't happen to the prints as well (haven't had a chance to test print anything yet).

 As for Venom, I've been playing around with this piece every year, trying to take it to what I had originally imagined when it was first created. I'm not going to pound too many hours into, but it's been fun to see what I can accomplish with it as the years go by.

I've also been putting a bit of time into my DC stuff, as I definitely want to have these characters represented at my table this year. Superman is getting close (though it's been close for a while now), I've got to put some time into the water tower in the bottom right, push the lighting, give the cape some love, and maybe fiddle with the wheat field a bit more, but it's all very close to done. Green Arrow on the other hand is just getting started. I think the pose could use some work, and I'm still debating the classic costume vs new one from the show. I'm more concerned with the other DC characters for now, so I don't know if I'll be able to wrap this for the con.

And that pretty much sums up what I've been working on this last week. I'm also putting hours into the commission that I posted earlier, but I don't think that will show up again here until I've finished it. Currently I'm fighting with the perspective of the cityscape in the background, so it's not all that exciting anyways. Hopefully this makes up a bit for missing out on posting last week. I don't think that'll be a problem again at least until we're closer to con time (looming deadlines tend to distract me from posting here). 

Thanks for looking!


  1. I really like your red cape kid! The detail of the treasure chest is also really cool!

  2. Thanks! I'm really happy with the way it turned out. No work yet on whether it made it into the Expo Art Book, but either way I'll be considering it a success as I really pushed myself into areas that I don't normally venture.

    PS... Tacklebox, not treasure chest.