February 20, 2013

Coming Along

I'm trying to focus on my current Red Cape Kid at the moment, as the deadline to get into the Calgary Expo Art Book is March 1st and I'd really like to have it done early so that I can edit/tweak over the final week. As such I've been hammering away at it (I'll post an update on Friday), and then using this piece as a way to relax. They're both very experimental in that they're far outside my norm, but I'm finding that bouncing between them has done wonders to keep me motivated. Whenever I hit a wall, or feel burned out on RCK I can flip to this and get my momentum back. They're both coming along at a good pace, but I've revamped RCK pretty hard and upped the degree of difficulty a fair bit, so I'm not nearly as confident about hitting my personal deadline as I was a few days ago. On the other hand Superman feels damn near completion and I'm very happy with the way it's turning out. With any luck I'll be able to call it done within a few hours and pull something else out to be my down time piece... any requests?

Steps along the way below.

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