March 6, 2013


Needed a night off from "professional work" so I decided to play around with some old character designs. I'd really like to cut down the time it takes me to get from beginning to end on a piece, so I'm trying to stay open to different modes of working. Eventually I'd like to develop a painterly style that I can use to mock up pieces in minutes instead of hours. As such I tried to keep these most recent attempts very loose and quick. I used my inking brush to start things off, which was a nice change of pace. Pretty much everything I've worked on for months now has been built with a soft brush with tweaks to it's opacity and such. It's a fantastic brush that excels at a lot of things, but linework is not one of them. I've missed throwing down full blacks, but I couldn't go the whole night without breaking out the other brush to test out some color. 

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