March 8, 2013

Can't... Stop... Composing...

Been feeling a little burned out after focusing so hard on the Red Cape image last week so I've just been  moving back and forth between different pieces. I also picked up a new Wacom pen, and have really been enjoying it. Over the last few months I've found that if I push myself too hard my wrist starts to get rather sore, and my entire hand quickly follows. After last week I was ending each day not because I was done, but because I couldn't properly hold the tablet pen anymore, and it was causing me a great deal of pain to try. While comparing my sketching pencils with my pen it dawned on me that the grip pen that comes standard with the intuos 4 is oddly large (wide). After a little research I learned that the problem is fairly common, and that an easy solution was to pick up the Wacom Classic pen. So I did (man I love Amazon). Since it arrived on Wednesday I've been testing it out and I've gotta say it feels way better. My hand isn't nearly as sore after an evening of drawing, and I find it to be a more natural experience, much more in line with holding a pencil or brush pen than the other pen was.

As for the Turtles here, I was having so much fun testing out the new pen that I inked this up start to finish Wednesday night and then colored it Thursday afternoon. I've been dabbling with different compositions for a while now, but haven't really landed on anything I like, so you may see a few more before I start to take things to a more finished level. That said please let me know if you see anything that you're a fan of, as I'm finding this one to be a bit tricky.

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