November 13, 2009

Fourth Comic - Santa and His Old Lady

This was our xmas comic for the December schedule. In my mind this is where our work really started to grow. I was able to expand the size to 2 pages (or one whole 8.5x11 page, depending on how you look at it) and play with the panel sizes and layout. This really freed me to make some interesting choices regarding storytelling. I recall this piece being a challenge, but I think I met it head on and came out the better for it. I learned a lot in here, and in the end came out with something I'm pretty proud of.

Being able to go in with grayscale really changed the feel of the work. I think this is my favorite of the early works I did. My only caveat is that I think I could have handled the gray space on page 2 (the one with the 3 panels) much better.

I will say though, I was a little disappointed by the amount of text that showed up on the page after it was lettered. I think that's largely just my pride over the images, but it does feel a little cramped on the first page. Second one breathes a lot easier and in my mind is pretty much ideal.

What do you think?

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