November 13, 2009

Comic # 8, 8.5 - The Survivors, Sophisticated Indians

The addition of a touch of color really pushes this piece forward. I love the way that last panel turned out.

The drawings themselves could do with another round of touch ups, but all in all this one looks ok. I will say though, that it's high time I started freakin' drawing hands with fingers!

Also, I don't know what it is, but I love the panel of the young man closing the box (pg 2, pan 4). That one just resonates for me.

And then we go with 2 colors and some grey, look at all that variation! More importantly though is what the colors symbolize. They come from the medicine wheel, and apparently each represents a different people. It's nice and simple, but still holds a lot of depth. Very cool stuff.

I remember working on that first panel and feeling really jazzed about this piece. I don't know if it holds up to time, but a lot of what I did here felt like it was more successful than most of the previous work. Part of that, I think, is that each panel has a bit more room. Looking at it now, I think the only real meaningful change I would make (aside from editing some anatomy and such) would be to add colored shirts to the folks in the last panel. Really push the idea that X attracts people from all walks instead of implying it's just the "white shirts".

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