July 21, 2009

Progressions of a Pantheon

Working on the redesign project that the boys and I have going, and I thought I would take a stab at the Fantastic Four. I'm a huge fan of the elements (as you folks will soon be made aware, I'm sure) and the chance to re-imagine a team based on them was too tempting to pass up (that, and everything else that I thought of had either recently been done, and done well, or proved to be a challenge I wasn't actually interested in taking on).

So here they are...

Still working on a catchy team name, as well as character names. Currently I've got:

Sky Father, Lord of Storms
Gaea, the Earth Mother
Siren (tentative), Temptress of the Seas
Savant (?), controller of the creative and destructive aspects of fire
And then there's the Reaper, King of the Underworld... cuz really, the most interesting aspect of the FF is Doom, so I needed to work him in somehow.

Anyways, the idea here is to let you guys follow along as I work away at this piece. Next time around I'll start the process at the rough sketch stage, but I didn't think to do this until I had things inked and ready for the final scan so no dice with this one.

I'm tempted to do something out of the norm with this piece (which is usually a bad plan when it's a piece you like, but hey why not, right?) so I may try my hand at painting it with acrylics now that it's safely scanned. If I go through with it I'll post images from both versions (I'll still be doing a digital coloring job, just to be safe) so that you can compare.

And that's it for today, later.

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