July 4, 2009


Alright here goes,

I'm David Joyce, this is my blog. Over the coming months I intend to fill this blog with examples of my artwork along with posts/discussions on art related topics/events and some info on me and my life. I'm currently a student at the Alberta College of Art and Design heading into my fourth and final year. My main focus is in comics and sequential art, but since that's not something they offer as a degree at ACAD, I'm working towards a degree in Media Arts and Digital Technologies.

A few of us grand students from ACAD have been working together over the summers. This year it's Sho Uehara, Jordan Natyshen, Dan Markin, Phil Chen and myself coming up with projects to try to keep us busy. Since everyone else in our little group comes from the design side of the school I find myself to be at a bit of a disadvantage from time to time, but over all we're producing some pretty great work.

A student (Tasha Barrie) from ACAD kindly put together a show and sale at the Crescent Heights community center this weekend. We got word of it a while ago and our group decided to put together some projects with the hopes of making a few sales. Things didn't go all that well for me (I didn't sell anything) but the others made a couple bucks, and we all received several compliments on our work. All in all I think it was a worthwhile outing and I'm glad we made it. We all learned a ton, and have several ideas on how to make things better the next time out.

Here are some pics of the illustrations that I was trying to sell:

I also had some paintings, but I think they ended up priced out of the range of the ppl coming in to see the show.

That's it for now, I'll try to get back here soon though, as I'd like to post some of the sketches that came about while we were all trying to kill time sitting at our table.

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  1. Looks good David! Don't stop posting... I have the RSS...