January 18, 2013


I've been trying to vary things a bit lately, focusing on design/composition first and color second instead of my usual, dynamic figures and linework. I'm really enjoying putting together these quick color comps, and I feel like it's giving me a chance to stretch and grow as an artist. I'll always love dynamic figures, but they can become distracting to the point of overshadowing the rest of a piece if you're not careful to control them. With these most recent pieces I've been allowing myself to experiment a bit with different brushes, and since I'm just playing around I don't mind if things come out a bit messy. Soon I'll have to break down and start rendering things, but for now I'm going to revel in the opportunity to just churn out ideas. I'm pretty sure future me won't mind handling things later on...


  1. Love! Love! Love!
    Cannot say enough good things about this one.

  2. I agree with Shelley... This is going up there with one of my favorites of yours!