July 17, 2012

Unattractive Undeath

Finishing this has been on my "to do" list for quite some time now. Originally it was planned as a special edition print for the Calgary Expo of 2011 (George Romero being a guest that year). Unfortunately the whole zombie theme fell apart as I was forced to focus on other pieces, and then moved on when I heard that Romero had injured himself and wouldn't be making it to the show. I've been hankering to get back to Sketchbook Pro to do some inking lately though, and thought that this would be a decent way to scratch that itch.

As for the piece itself, the idea behind it was to take a fairly hyper-sexualized image and make it as vile and repulsive as possible. At the time I had intended on building visual tricks into it, drawing the eye to some of the more repulsive areas in the hopes of giving the viewer little horrifying surprises. Coming back to it now I was far more interested in playing with ink again, and having the opportunity to focus on some texturing, that I disregarded the original plan and simply dove into the piece.

In other news, I've begun to post my work on some of the myriad gallery sites that I visit from time to time. I've had a Deviant art page languishing for a while now (Expo 2012 updates coming soon), but what's got me excited at the moment is Comic Art Fans, and my listing within it. Being able to track how many impressions each image gets is really helpful when you're looking for a bit of a morale boost, or a gauge for what work is drawing the most interest. There's nothing up there that hasn't already been posted here (and I have no plans to begin separating what work is posted where) but I thought it was worth mentioning. I'd like to spend some time over the next few weeks filling out the gallery there, and then building similar galleries on other sites. I won't spend too much time focusing on it, but don't be surprised if links start to pop up a bit more frequently.


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