July 30, 2012


Playing around with this new brush and I thought I'd do a series of these black back paintings. This Punisher is the one that followed Spidey, and I've got a Batman in the wings, along with a Daredevil and a Black Panther coming next. I'll probably cap myself at 13 pieces, so if there's any that you'd really love to see let me know and I'll consider popping it on the list. I'd really like to get some female characters in, but currently can't think of any past Black Cat and Catwoman.

As for this piece in particular, I had a lot of fun working on the face (what you can see of it anyways) as I've never painted skin before. I've read a bit about it in ImagineFX and online and had a bit of an idea about what I wanted to do (like trying to suggest pores in the skin), but it's still very much a first attempt. I quite like how quickly these come out, though to be honest I spent a lot more time making correction with Punisher that I'd like to admit. Bats came out damn fast though, and I'm hoping the same will go for the rest.

Fingers crossed!


  1. The black background paintings work. This Punisher is really excellent.

  2. Glad you like 'em, cuz there's a lot more on the way!

  3. They would look really great all on the same wall.

  4. That's kind of what I'm envisioning as an end result, however I haven't put any effort into designing them so that they work together. I might take some time to tweak them once they're all finished, but I don't want that becoming the focus right now or I'll never get the next one done :)