July 16, 2012

Castle Crashers FTW!

I've been meaning to do a Castle Crashers piece for quite a while now due to it being such an amazing game. I haven't spent much time with it lately, but when I was playing it a few months ago I was having a blast! On top of being super fun, it's got a great look to it, and some pretty slick animation. It'd be nice to get some time to go back in and do some proper inking on this one, but for now it's going to stay as it is. It's one of the first times I've colored a sketch (instead of a piece with finished linework) and I must say that I'd like to make a habit of it. Experimentation is a requisite to really understanding a medium, and it's something that I've avoided with color as I felt that only finished pieces "deserved" that kind of treatment. 

With any luck this shift in attitude with lead to some great learning experiences over the next few months, possibly even funnelling into some of the comics work I have planned for the future (perhaps even the near future).

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