July 7, 2011

This still counts as Wednesday, right?

I figure if I haven't slept yet, then the day hasn't changed. So for me it's still Wednesday, and here I am posting the inked version of my commission like I said I would.

I'm not overly pleased with the goggles, so I think I'll end up going back into that section while I color it, but otherwise I'm pretty happy. What do you guys think? Any crazy errors that I just can't see? I always get worried that I've been working on a piece too long, and won't have the chance to properly edit it once I'm done. It's important to step away so that you can come back with fresh eyes, but often deadlines don't allow for that.

Ah well, sleep beckons. G'night folks!

1 comment:

  1. Two comments.

    One - look at the snakes head - what's happening under it?

    Second - Your stuff is getting better and better.