July 27, 2011


Trying out something new here at the blog, and I'm hoping it'll be well received. I've added another page (you can find the tab for it just under my banner) titled Request-A-Sketch. Head on in there and put your requests in the comments section. I'll collect 'em and do at least one a week as a warm up. If I choose your request I'll email you a high rez version of the image sized for a wallpaper, and if I did the piece traditionally, might even mail you the original!

Hope you guys like the idea, and as always feel free to make suggestions if you've got 'em!

As for new art, I've been spending a lot of time working on projects that are in the planning stages. There's been a bit of character design going on, but for the most part I've just been making notes, and trying to come up with some great stories. I'm making progress, but unfortunately it doesn't leave me with much to post on here. I'm hoping the addition of Request-A-Sketch will help to change that, but for today I've got something else for you.

A few weeks ago (just before the CCEE) my good friend Dan was staying with me, and as we used to do back in the college days, we tried to come up with a little warm-up drawing challenge. We decided to do a  design of a humanoid insect (or insectile human), so I did upa sketch of a DnD character I came up with years ago. 

I present to you Chit, the halfling/insect rogue!

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