April 9, 2013

WW Hydra

Hey folks! Apologies for the gap between updates. Last week I was feeling pretty burnt out and finally decided I needed to take a break. I opted to step away from digital work for a few days, instead working up some sketches that I'll bring with me to the con. I also let myself slip into Dishonored long enough to wrap up the game I had going on, and then started up Sleeping Dogs to see what the hype was all about (man I love steam!). Then we were hit with the passing of a family member and the plans I had of getting back on track were shaken. On top of that a co-worker lost her husband the following day, and so I was trying to juggle picking up shifts along with spending time with my family, and getting back to the drawing board fell away.

Now I'm back, I'm still loving the hell out of Sleeping Dogs and I picked up Injustice on iOS and have been throwing a lot of my spare time into that, I've managed to sit down and eek out some real progress on the Wonder Woman piece that I plan to bring to the Calgary Expo. I also made some real progress on the secret project that I'm developing with Dan and I've gotta say I think we're on to something cool. I doubt we'll be revealing anything until late summer/early fall, but for now it's got my mind engaged and gets me excited to sit down and work.

Oh and a final note. If you're a reality TV fan I highly recommend you check out Penny Arcade's Strip Search. Maybe it's just because I'm an artist, but I cannot get enough of this show. Check it out.

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