May 12, 2012


Holy crap is it hard to make something look big without throwing in a human body, or something recognizable from human culture (ie a building). Random organic/naturally occurring shapes just don't do the trick.

For those who may have missed it, this would be the Colossal Grey Terror. Here's the request:

Hi, I would like to request a sketch of a Magic card drawing.

The card details are as follows:
Name of card: The Colossal Grey Terror.
Cost: 4 colorless mana, 3 green mana, 1 white mana
Card type: Creature - Cat
Abilities: Reach, Forest-walk, Plains- walk, Mountain-walk,
place 9 regenerate counters on card when cast. Remove one after each regenerate.

Quote: "No tree can withstand the power of a cats sharpened claws" Power: 8/8 Thanks, Jenn

You'll note that I ignored the vast majority of the details here. It's something that I wrestled with for quite a while. When I first took a crack at it I spent over an hour trying to build the body of the card. Placing in mana symbols and endeavouring to make it look just like a real magic card. That was a giant pain in my ass. In the future I'll be enforcing my "sketched in an hour or less" rule, to ensure that I don't distract myself too much from other projects. Hopefully that will help push me to be faster so that I can get something like this done a couple days after getting the request, instead of several months later.

Up next is a 2 week vacation, so I won't be posting anything close to finished work until next month. That said, I'll be trying to blow through as many sketches as I can so check back to see what I've come up with.

PS, Big thanks to Jenn for being so insanely patient. I feel a little guilty about not delivering a finished piece given how long it's been, but I think it best to move on to other requests. Hopefully she'll give me another shot soon... I've got a lot a cat reference kicking around now and I'd hate for it to go to waste ;)

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