May 3, 2012


Ramping up for the con, and the con itself, has really pushed me into work mode as of late. Between that and all the positive feedback I've been receiving lately, I'm pretty jazzed to keep my nose to the grind stone and see what else I can do.

And so I'll be trying to catch up on the weekly creature designs over the next little while, as well as tackling several other projects. I'll try to keep you all up to date as I move forward. For now, the Angont!

 I've put together a loooong list of things I'd like to spend some time on (and yes, req-a-sketch is on there) so look forward to seeing a lot more from me in the near future. That said, I'll be reining myself in in terms of time spent on each piece. I found that I was losing hours and hours to what were supposed to be simple sketches, and it was becoming a problem. So for now I'll be trying to stick to the hour mark... ish.

Check back soon for my thoughts on the con. 

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