November 30, 2011


I'm having a hell of time keeping up with Mr.Markin, but I'll be damned if it isn't a ton of fun to try. Today I present the Turul:

A mythological bird of great symbolic importance to the Hungarian people.  it is said to represent the power and will of God and was recognized as an ancestor of Atilla the Hun.  Representations of the Turul can be found in many different places, often represented as carrying a flaming sword.  One legend tells the story of the wife of the hero Ugyek, a descendent of Atilla, who had a dream in which Turul appeared.  In this dream, a crystal-clear stream sprang from within her, and as it flowed westward it became a mighty river.  This dream was said to represent a symbolic impregnation of the woman by the Turul, and to indicate that she would give birth to a line of great kings.

I tested out a different way of working with the Turul, and I'm uncertain as to how much I like it. Working in black and white keeps things nice and simple, but I'm still not comfortable with the color layer... Gonna be a little while till I get the kinks in the process worked out. Speaking of, Dan already has the next creature posted (jerk!) so I guess I've got a great opportunity to dive right back in. 

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