November 24, 2011


Should have had this up and posted weeks ago, but I've been spreading myself out across a lot of little things. Some practice stuff, that I'm debating showing at all, and then a bunch of fun bits and bobs that I'll get up here soon.

Anyways, the Gytrash is another of the "weekly" creature designs committed by Dan, Sho and myself. Here's the blurb we worked from:

A kind of sinister fairy from the folklore of northern britain. At night, it can take the form of a large horse, donkey or sometimes a shaggy black dog with webbed feet. It has huge saucer-shaped eyes and walks with a splashing sound. It is generally described as lurking silently by the side of the road waiting for unwary travellers; however, some stories speak of it in a more positive light as helping to lead lost travellers to safety. There is a memorable description of the Gytrash in Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre. (see also Padfoot) 


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