March 7, 2010

Tauric Creature

Originally called the Centaur project (because we're working alphabetically now) we quickly decided that centaur (ie. a horses body topped with a human form) wasn't quite what we were after. We wanted to play with different animals being merged with a human torso, and so we did!

This has been the most interesting/demanding of the projects that we've done so far. I think we all spent a lot more than the 4 hours we agreed to. I know I have.

The first pose I attempted, and ultimately the one I decided to finish.

Once I had the first pose, I started messing around with more dynamic scenes...

Then I hit on the idea of the club being swung...

... then it seemed brilliant to imply the multi-directional capabilities of the Goritaur, but I found having the character face away from the viewer problematic.

Problem solved! Eventually I'll come back and polish some of these up, but really I just needed to call this one done so that I could move on to the next one.

Speaking of, next up is "The Devil". Should be a good one!

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