March 20, 2010

Hero: A Game

Okay, so The Design Gents are working through this project that they kindly refer to as "the Bioware Project". I thought it might be fun to play along as well, so I dove in. Turns out, "the Bioware Project" is just another design project, with no real attention payed to the fact that it's supposed to be for a video game. I base this claim on the fact that not once have I heard anyone mention "the player". As such it seems to me they're all just creating another property, nothing they weren't already doing.

So I decided to veer off, as I often do, and go my own way. Obviously I'm not going to be chit chatting with Bioware anytime soon, so I thought it best to work on something that I could put to use myself. In the end what I've developed are some interesting concept pieces that I can use for a pen and paper RPG that I've been working on. All in all it's been a lot of fun, and I feel like I've learned a lot over the course of the project.

There's more to come in this vein, but this will have to do for now. Enjoy!

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