March 25, 2014

Agent Blarg

Did this up as a quick pencil sketch about a year ago and then tossed it in a drawer thinking I'd come right back to it. Fast forward to now, and I've just wrapped up pencil sketches enough to fill the 48 page portfolio that I bring around to cons. However I like to have a mix of penciled, inked, and colored originals, so it's time to break out the brush and get down to work. Which is both exciting (I quite enjoy inking) and nerve wracking (I spent a lot of time sketching, and it's been a while since I've inked... what if I just ruin everything I touch?). On top of that lovely bit of anxiety I've been feeling kinda rough around the edges the last few days. It usually fades once I start working, but actually starting said work is getting to be a bigger and bigger hurdle. Too many late nights with the little guy, and too many promises to myself that I'll catch up on sleep tomorrow (hence the Blarg).

So with all that in mind I pulled over this little doodle and hit it with the new Copic multiliners that I picked up last week thinking that if I really effed it up that bad, it wouldn't be that big a deal.

And hot damn if it didn't feel great to play around with the brush pen! Man do I ever love the thick to thin of an ink line. Just putting down a couple lines was enough to get the fog to dissipate, and then I really started to get into it. Once I felt pretty good with the way the brush pen was working (I picked it up on a recommendation I found on twitter, so I wasn't sure how it would turn out) I took to testing some of the technical pens and realized that the .5 that I thought I bought is really a .05. Holy crap that thing makes a friggin thin line.

Anyways, I'm happy enough with the results of my first foray into inking this year, and I'm jazzed to really dig in to the rest. Even better though, I'm turning in at 3:00 am instead of 6:00 am, so tomorrow should go even better.

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