September 13, 2013

Pencils are Amazing!

I picked up a light table recently, and have found that it's really changed my workflow. Now, instead of scribbling down some rough marks, scanning them, and then trying to decipher (read redraw it basically from scratch) the scribble digitally I'm adding in a step or two with the light table to ensure that I can get some clean pencils before I move to inking or painting. This also means that I can doodle away on cheap copy paper, and if I come up with something cool I just transfer it over to a piece of bristol so that I can ink it and color it up with my copics without having to worry about the paper falling apart on me. All in all a super handy purchase. 

I'm finally working up a proper TMNT print, and these are some of the sketches I went through as I was working out the characters and poses. I'll post again later when this piece is further along.

Then there's Thor. This turned out a little too like an old sketch I did quite a while ago, so I'm currently debating the value in finishing it. Might go back in and make some changes to see if I can give it a different feel.

And the rest are for the super secret, super amazing project that Dan Markin and I are currently working on. Unfortunately it's taking a lot longer than originally expected to get it to a point where I'm comfortable making any kind of announcement, but I'm happy to share some development sketches.

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  1. Love love love the adorable little dino-bigfoot.