June 3, 2013

Good Days

So I'm a little all over the place at the moment, and you'll have to excuse the infrequent blog updates. I've just wrapped up the Dr. Steel commission (see it at the top there) that I started earlier this year, and I'm also trying to juggle all of the projects that I picked up at, and after, the expo. I'm doing my best to make sure that no one feels forgotten or left out, but it can be difficult and sometimes things get missed.

I had a pretty cool experience a couple weeks ago that I'd like to quickly mention. The night of my previous blog post (I know, it was a while ago, I'm sorry) I took some time to update a few of the accounts I've got across the web. The next morning I was met with an email inquiring as to the price of the new Savage Dragon sketch. Even better than drumming up interest so quickly was the requests origin. Turns out the fellow interested in my work is located in Germany. We sent a few messages back and forth to sort out details and off went the sketch just a few days later. Honestly, I'm not really sure why I think this is so cool (it's not like I made more money off the sketch than I would have at a con) but it was definitely the highlight of the week for me.

Speaking of highlights, I had a pretty fantastic day last week as well (not that the rest of the week wasn't great, but this particular day was pretty cool). Since the con ended I've been working on several different projects, trying to get them all rolling along. Primarily this required me to put together a few different compositions, roughs, or style tests and then send them out for feedback. I managed to knock most of them out in the same weekend, expecting replies to trickle in over the course of the following week. Then out of the blue I get this wonderful note from a woman who I had sent a sketch to a couple of weeks ago saying that "it is absolutely stunning! I can't express how much I love it.Thank you!". Which was a fantastic way to start the day. After that I was deluged with kind words from all of the different clients that I had been working with, all very happy with what I had sent them. All in all I'm having a great time, and I'm really happy to be working on the projects that I've got. 

In other news, I've joined the Oatley Academy's Magic Box program, and so far have been really impressed. I'll write up a post that delves into specifics in the future, but for now I just wanted to let anyone who might be interested know.

That's it for tonight, thanks for stopping by!


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