October 31, 2012

EPS Commissions

I wrapped these up a while ago, but I hate to post things here before the people who've commissioned me receive their prints so I figured I'd wait for a while before popping them on here. Then I got distracted with the whole Edmonton Expo thing (which was awesome!) and am just now getting back to them.

These are two of the commissions that I got out of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. An officer from the Edmonton Police Service contacted me via email and after a few messages back and forth we were in business. I started these with a few rough color sketches for the client (we'll call him John) to pick through. Once he let me know his preferences I began to build the finished pieces. Unfortunately I ran into a fair amount of difficulty, not with the pieces but with my computer, during their creation. At one point during the process I as down for over a week while my machine was being diagnosed (bad memory sectors). That and a few other issues extended the process much longer than I had originally anticipated, but John was always positive and understanding when I messaged him, and I've got to say that I really appreciated it. I had a ton of fun working on these, and John was one of the best clients I've ever had, making for a great experience overall. He was even nice enough to swing by my booth at the Edmonton Expo to visit, and give me a swag bag! So now I've got an EPS t-shirt, pin and crest... pretty badass eh?

All in all one of the cooler opportunities that I've had and I wanted to make sure I took the time to share it. 

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