February 2, 2011


Shelley mentioned that my blog was languishing and needed some urgent attention, so I figured I'd toss up some images for y'all.

Unfortunately what I've been working on lately isn't overly exciting. I've been building panel layouts for the next 10 pager from Jason Eaglespeaker. I think it's fun, but visually speaking there isn't a lot going on yet. As such, I thought I'd post a few of the warm up drawings I've been doing lately. Now, I want to point out before anyone else feels the need to, that these are not original images. The point of these exercises is to take something someone else has done, and figure out how they did it, and why it's awesome. I haven't been taking anything to a finished stage (so no colors, at least not yet) but I did scan the images into Sketchbook Pro to test out the inking brush. Hot damn do I love that thing!

Anyways, here ya go!

1 comment:

  1. hey these are looking pretty slick! I'm noticing an imrpovement in your skills. I'd say Spiderman and Electra are my favorites.