January 25, 2010

Bad Ass Dragon

Friends of mine (Sho, Dan)were recently challenged to draw a "Bad ass Dragon" in class, and I just couldn't resist joining in. The challenge involved working fast (those actually in the class were limited to 4 hours) so I tried to keep things quick. In the end I'd bet that I past the 4 hour mark, but I'm also working without the last 3 years of training that they have so I figure it evens out.

In the end a lot of the contestants were told they needed "more dragon" in their pieces. When I was done my first draft (an attempt to defy all the points made in a previous discussion regarding what could and could not be termed a dragon) I found myself in the same situation.

Needs more dragon!
(There was a lot of talk about how bird wings, and beaks w0uldn't work for a dragon, so I tried to prove everyone wrong... turns out it's not as easy as I thought)

Cool, but not really "Bad Ass".

There we go!

I took a look through some books on wolves and tried to pull that into the design. Obviously it could use some tweaking, but there's some interesting stuff going on here. It certainly get's the Bad Ass idea across better than the previous two.

1 comment:

  1. This is a noticeable Improvement! I could tell from the stance it was wolf-like, which makes for a an interesting kind of animal. My only suggestions for improvement would be to better articulate the feet/claws and to beef up the fins on the sides of the head to something more gnarly